Should Division 3 Colleges have Athletic Programs?

When you think about college athletics, the first thing that probably comes to mind are big SEC Football teams like Alabama or Clemson that play Division 1 football. You probably never think of the small private school who’s main draw is a nursing program and plays Division 3 football. But they question I’m posing is, “should Division 3 colleges have athletic programs?” That is a question that has been debated since the beginning of time, or more factually, since the beginning of Division 3 college athletics. The answer to me is simple. Hell Yes. Now let me tell you why…

While it may not be at the pinnacle in terms of the ability of it’s players, and it doesn’t produce many athletes to major sports, it does give athletes a chance to play the sport they love more competitively than say an intramural or club level team. There’s nothing really on the line except for pride. Most of the athletes know they aren’t going pro and D3 athletes can’t receive athletic scholarships, so they aren’t playing to fulfill the “money spent” on them. It also allows them to have a normal college life and doesn’t take away from their studies. Most people think that the talent level for DIII schools is low because, well it isn’t DI or even DII level, but you have to remember that the players that play were still probably the best or one of the best players on their respective club and high school teams. Also there are a ton of potential D1 athletes at D3 schools solely because they liked the fit better or liked a small campus instead of a large one.

From the fan’s perspective it’s great too, as it gives them events to go to and friends and colleagues to cheer on. I know from my own personal experience that going to any game can be a good time and I know the players enjoy it when they look up and see more fans in the crowd than less.

While I know many people will disagree with my stance here, hopefully I was able to convince that High School student who can’t decide if it’s worth it to continue his playing career at a DIII school.

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